Lost Emails

I renamed a user, internal address/emails were working successfully.
But external emails were not getting through

I traced the messages from the GWIA through 2 domains to the PO
On the PO I was seeing the error

16:26:42 F2EC Processing 430b72c2.tm1 Message
16:26:42 F2EC Sender of message (430b72c2.tm1)
16:26:42 F2EC Distribute message from: mcasey
16:26:42 F2EC Begin distribution to 1 users
16:26:42 F2EC Error: User not on post office [D101]
16:26:42 F2EC Created :
/media/nss/GWAUBPO/tbgaub.po/wpcsin/5/530b72c2.tm1, 1060 bytes Message
16:26:42 F2EC Sender of message
(/media/nss/GWAUBPO/tbgaub.po/wpcsin/5/530b72c2.tm1) mcasey
16:26:42 F2EC Purge message record #41165
16:26:42 F2EC Processed OK

I rebuilt the domains's po's and restarted GWIA and the user can now
recieve emails.

My question is, are the failed emails forwarded or saved anywhere. (no
return errors were revcieved by the sender).

As they are already past the GWIA they are not stored as problem files
there, that I can see.


Thanks in Advance