GW Messenger 18.1.1 Archive Expire

Hi all,


Just attempting to migrate our old Messenger 3.x system to a new 18.1.1 built on SLES15SP1.

Have got as far a migrating the archive data across (which is running after a few false starts as the archive server hadn't been defined in the messenger settings by the migration). However, I'm trying to configure the archive to never expire, the online help says you can the the Expire value to 0 to do this, but neither Expire fields will accept 0, they're all defaulting to 90, and only allow 1-1000 as the range).

This is under

- Messenger -> Settings -> Archive settings, store maintenance / expire


- Messenger -> archive agents -> agent settings, Archive store maintenance / expire

Both settings seem to be independent as well, changing one doesn't affect the other.