Groupwise Messenger File transfer


now we installed GroupWise Messenger to test, and then sent to all users.

For now all worke fine, but we can´t send files. On the dokumentations, I found that there is an Policy-Option to that, but we dont had these option. And in the Client there is no Option for Filetransfer too.

We use GroupWise 18.0.1 and the GroupWise Messenger 18.2.0. at the dokumentation we found, that file tranfere wehre added in Version 18.2.0 of the GW Messenger must we Update the GW to 18.2.0 too to use file tranfer or is there a other probleme.

Maybe there is an Option to nsert this. Ouer HomeOffice User would enjoy that.




    Your GroupWise system must be 18.2.x




  • first of all, thanks for the answer.

    Than we now plan the Update to GW 18.2.x

    There ist an ather question comming up. If I use the messenger wich ist still 18.0.x at google Play my coolege wonder why I permanetly go online (App in use) and offline (App in background, not stopped) at the status, I think that is not what it should like. But my question, is that right or must we change somthing.
    Second question, is there an newer Version of the App. In the dokumentation  is written, that the .apk can be downloaded on Microfocus downloads, but i can´t find it, therefor I load it on the playstore