Personal and other customer address books not showing


GroupWise 2012 SP4
Client is SP4 as well
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

Just installed the client on this newly setup Win 8.1 Pro and everything works except that the Address Book only shows the Global Address Book and none of the users' personal or shared address books. It works on other Win7/Win8.1/Win10 Pro workstations.

What am I missing ?



  • Figured it out - Solution for anyone else with the same problem.

    In GroupWise 2012, unlike in GroupWise 8, GroupWise 2012 will set everything correctly if no settings are set in the MAIL icon in the Control Panel.

    So, to resolve an issue like this (which happens when the client installation did not set up everything correctly in the MAIL icon for whatever reason), do as follows :

    a) Open the MAIL icon in the Control Panel.

    b) Delete all profiles that are showing.

    c) Close the MAIL icon.

    d) Open the GroupWise 2012 Client. When the Client sees that there
    is not a Novell GroupWise email profile in the
    Control Panel, it creates one with all the correct settings.

    e) Go into your Address Book and you will find that everything is working.

    Hope this helps anyone else.

  • Hi Michel,

    Thank you so much for giving us the solution to your problem. I was still in the process of trying to figure it out for you ;)