Odd mobility problems with Android phones

First - my environment:  Groupwise 18.2 on OES and GW Mobility 18.2.1 on SLES 15.1. 

Now, I have several users on Mobility - about half and half IOS and Android.  Those on Android are experiencing the following issues that the IOS users do not see:

1. Unable to search mail on the device.  When I am in my inbox for example, if I do a search in the Gmail interface for a keyword I know exists - it returns nothing. 

2. Sometimes, and I stress sometimes, messages are sent that only contain the first couple of words.  For example, my boss does a lot of work from his phone (Android 10 on Google Pixel).  Sometimes I will get an  email from him that has only one or two words.  It looks like he clicked on send before he was done.  I am sure he is not.

Has anyone seen these behaviors on Android devices?  I want to make sure I am not crazy before I open an SR.