Guide for moving GW2012 from OES2 (32) to OES11 (64) on NSS?

Hi there,

I have to move a Groupwise 2012 system (no big deal - 30 users, 1poa, 1gwia) from OES2 (32bit) - to OES11 (64bit). File system is NSS on both.

I already set up the OES11 system but have not installed any groupwise thing.

Is there a general setup/Howto guide anywhere? I only find howtos for moving from Netware/Windows to OES11 but not from OES2.

Thanks for any hints.

OH BTW: It's no migration, the new OES11 system should run parallel to the old OES2 system. At least for a while.... So new hostname, new ip, etc.... Just have to move Groupwise from one to the other...