GW Check questions

In the gwcheck resultfile, I have some entries that I would like to understand:

  • "User reported as inactive"
    • When does this occur? I can set it in the user configuration.
    • Will it be set automatically by GW as well? I guess the entry "Inactivity days = 60" is responsible for that. Can I set that time somewhere?
    • In one case I have an additional line saying: "User has been inactive for 1270 days"
    • In most entries, there is no additional line
    • What is the logic here?
    • Does this status still consume a license?
  • "Forced inactive time - 09/29/17 16:50"
    • This was manually set in the user configuration, correct?
  • "Limited client license"

In general:

How do I manually set, per mailbox, either of the following license status:

  • GroupWise Mailbox Full Client License.
  • GroupWise Mailbox Limited Client License.
  • GroupWise Mailbox Inactive License.


Thanks for any pointer




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    In the GroupWise Admin Console go to the user in question - Client Options | Environment tab | Client Access option on left-hand side | Client Licensing.... here you set "Full License Mailbox" or "Limited License Mailbox".

    To Force Inactive... go to the user, on the account tab you can set "Force Inactive Status"

    If a user is simply reported as inactive, as far as I am aware, it still consumes a the license type allocated to them (full/limited) until you actually "Force Inactive Status"




  • Great!
    Again, so simple..
    Many thanks.
  • In the gwcheck resultfile, I have some entries that I would like to understand:

    First question is which GWCheck was this in?  I'll assume it was a general Contents check, just note that it is useful to state what you were checking for.

    The "Inactivity Days" count is fixed for most GWChecks unless you run an Audit GWCheck where you can set the date to what ever you want it to show for, noting that except for the True-Up process it is FYI only.  The True-Up process does tend focus on that 60 days as don't count, but they might take offense if there are too many of those hanging around.  It is good to know who is inactive, why they are, and either clearly them out or force inactive unless they are on a clear leave of some sort.

    In a regular Contents GWCheck, the line "User has been inactive for X days" will only show for those inactive for more than 60 days.  If you want a list of just those users, you have a couple of options.
    A) run an Audit GWCheck,  which for a number of reasons (even if to just keep the mailbox size reporting up to date) you should do regularly in any event.  The report will have focus on just those mailboxes without activity for the days you've selected with 60 being just the default.   
    B) you can get a csv (i.e. spreadsheets can easily read) that you can then sort to your hearts content with this tip of User listings just a link away    Then just sort by last logged in to see who hasn't logged in and figure out why they haven't and do we really need this account anymore.

    I have found that accounts that have not been accessed directly by the full GroupWise client in a long time(perhaps 6 months?) tend to show as a Limited license.  i.e. those only accessed by WebAccess and/or Proxy.  I figured that 6ish months based on what I've seen with different longer term leaves such as maternity for most of the world.


    If you have any further questions on GWChecks, I've written up a few things over the years and do like helping others with their GroupWise preventative measures.