Weird GW18.1.1 client attachment and HTML guesswork bug


Internal user sends a photo from his ios 12.4 iPhone via GMS18.1.1 to another internal Groupwise user. No text, just the jpg.

The recipient now sees the following in his GW18.1.1 Client:

If he selects text only view, he just sees an empty mail with a single, attachment "TEXT.txt" which contains the senders signature. No photo anywhere.
If he selects HTML view, he sees the photo inline in the mail body, and the same "TEXT.txt" attachment.

If he uses the Quickviewer, he sees the Photo inline, *and* the jpg as attachment.

Now it gets spooky:

If he forwards the mail *as attachment* to the outside, there is *no* HTML in the forwarded email, it's plain text only, and the attachment is there just fine.

If he uses a GW2014 client to look at the original received mail, *THERE IS NO HTML*, just text only, and the attached photo is there.

Last but not least, in the GW18.1.1 client, in plain text view, when he disables the "hide system attachments" checkbox on the opened mail, the photo now shows up.

1. GW18.1.1 client apparently "invents" HTML mail when they are plain text.
2. GW 18.1.1 client considers attached .jpg files coming thru GMS "system attachments". 


I wish we at least would get proper client options to disable all the dysfunctional "enhancements" in GW18.X client centrally.