Import remote mailbox in online mailbox


With a tool I have migrated an Exchange mailbox to a remote mode GroupWise mailbox (on local PC). There is a way to import messages from this remote mailbox in an online mailbox (on post office)?

I have tried to configure remote mailbox and overwrite it with result of Exchange migration but not work.

GroupWise version: 18.1.1.

Others solutions for migrating from Exchange to GroupWise?




  • You could always archive the content, connect "online" and unarchive to the PO.


  • Thanks for your reply.

    I have tried archive/unarchive without success. Folders structure of mailbox produced by tool is the following:

    - oftemp

    - rofdata

    - wpcsin

    - wpcsout

    - wpgwrecv


    I have copied rofdata content in archive folder (ofxxxarc) but after this, GroupWise client has showed error on remote folder and has crashed. Errore message says about mailbox recompile. After client restart archived mailbox does not work.



  • Verified Answer

    You can't simply copy the folder. Shall mean: of course you can, but it won't work.

    While in "remote" mode, create a fresh, empty archive. Then rightclick an item and select "archive". Once done with this change to "online", click "file" -> "open archive", rightclick the message and "unarchive" it. Now the item should appear in the online view. If this works you can trigger a mass-operation on the entire remote mailbox, easiest way to do so would be to issue a "find" for anything. This would give you a list of all content (regardless of the folder structure). You can mark all, archive it, switch back to online and unarchive.


  • Thanks for your reply.

    I have tried your solution: archive messages from remote mailbox and unarchive from online mailbox. Problem is FID: archive folder of remote mailbox is of$$$arc. Accessing online mailbox archive create new folder (ofFIDarc) and archive is empty. Renaming folder of$$$arc to archive folder of online mailbox does not work, I receive error D124, user access denied. Mailboxes password are synchronized, same for online and remote.

  • Aren't the accounts used to access online and remote mailbox the same? Do you see different FIDs on "Help" -> "About GroupWise" on checking online / remote?

    Even then, starting with 2014 R2 (IIRC) you can simply rename an archive to access it as another user. So if the archive has been created by UserA with FID ABC and should be opened by UserB with FID 123 you'd close the client (REALLY close anything related to GW), rename ofABCarc to of123arc, login as UserB, check the archive path config and simply open it. You'd just have to provide UserA's password.

    Which version of GW are you running? If it's older than 2014R2 it would be a little more complicated.