folder view format seeming random since GW 18 upgrade

Since upgrading my users to GW 18SP1 (from GW14R2SP2), some of my users complain that the display format of their mail folders is apparently random. The boss has dozens of folders, probably well over 100, and an informal sample indicates about 1/3 have this problem. I have one folder like this.

Many display the simple Groupwise 2014 column format that he wants and had before, but now an apparently random selection of folders display in a new format with Message Preview, Group Labels, and the new column-less "Summary" list format. I showed him how to fix an individual folder, but he's annoyed that the upgrade has changed many of his folders and he doesn't want to have to go through and fix them all one at a time.

I'm guessing that internally this has to do with when the folders were created (i.e. by which client) and what flags got set on them (this user's mailbox has existed since GroupWise 6 atleast)... the ones displaying the problem probably have no display format set so they're inheriting the GW18 default, while the other folders have the simple format set which GW18 is obeying.

I tried going to the an upper-level folder and resetting the display format there, but it didn't flow down to the sub folders.

The question then is: is there any way to set the display format of the folders in bulk?

Thanks for any help.