Closed Links

GW 18.1.1, primary domain with post offices, 2 secondary domains with a GWIA each

I have installed 2 additional secondary domains with GWIAs that will replace the old secondary domains, so temporarily there are 4 secondary domains. In "Link Configuration" all secondary domains have direct links to the primary and indirect links to each other. Everything seems all right - but to MTAs report closed links.

One of the old MTAs and one of the new MTAs report a closed link to one of the new MTAs (both to the same):

Last closure reasonNo path configured


In the MTAs HTTP console, "Links" tab, these closed Links are labled "Direct Links".

 Direct LinkTypeStatusMessages QueuedOldest
new2Domain Closed0-
old2Domain Open0-
old2.gwiaGateway Open0-
primaryDomain Open0-


Why do these MTA want to have a direct link from one secondary domain to another, while there are indirect links configured? Is this a "cosmetic" problem? Is there a way to get rid of these links?