GroupWise Web Questions

A few day ago we installed and tried GroupWise Web for the first time. While the first impression is quite pleasing, a number of questions came up after some testing...

  • There is currently absolutely nothing to customize in GW Web, correct? I just want to make sure that I did not miss something, since docker is new to me... but I did not find a configuration file not even "inside" the container with docker exec -it bash
    (For example we need to get rid of the password change feature, and we need to be able to exclude users from webmail)
  • There are no signatures?
  • There is no way to sort the list of mails (second column)?
  • GroupWise Web sends only text-only mails, no formating, no pictures and so on? (Personally I would love that, but most of our users won't!)
  • There is now way to change the position and size of mail editor window? On a standard Full HD screen it is way to small!
  • There is no way to change the width of the first colum? And there is no way to show the subfolders of a folder on top of the list in the second column?

I am asking all this because possibly I have just overlooked something? If not - will all this be available, when GW Web will replace GW Webaccess?

Edit, some more questions:

  • Are there any logfiles?
  • Is there something like the HTTP console of the Webaccess Application?



  • You are not missing anything.  Those are features that are all on the roadmap for the product.  The proxy feature will be the next one added and we are hoping that it will make it in for the 18.3 release.  Everything else will be added after that.

    With the 18.3 release, current ETA is Q4 2020, the legacy WebAccess will likely no longer be shipped.

    The log files need to be extracted from the docker container.  You would use this command

    docker -logs gwweb


  • Hi,

    You can also add this switch to your docker run command:

    -v /opt/novell/gw/logs/:/var/log/nginx/

    That will grab some log files for you.




  • Thanks for the information.

    Just my 2 cents.. while I agree that the proxy feature is very high priority, I doubt if it makes sense to discontinue the old product while the new one lacks such very basic features like signatures and resizable/movable windows.

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks for the tip. Helped me to understand how the -v option works and how to make use of it.

    But the logs aren't what webaccess logs were - so I very much hope that these logs will be back.

    Kind Regards,
  • OT: why do answers to Laura's post display as answers to my own post?

    Ok, found it, need to sort by topic.

  • Your list alone means the product is a no-go for us. The lack of feature parity with legacy web access is shocking. My users would revolt over no signatures, let alone text only. 

    Couple this with the re-write of GMS  scripting for SLES15 and there is almost no shot we'll deploy 18.3.... which since GW8 is where I have started my new version deployments. 

    Then again, we ran GW 2012 Web access well into our 2014R2 deployment due to multiple product breaking bugs... that were only finally all fixed in a POST Sp3 release - yes, that is correct a build that is newer than the most recent publicly available one. Perhaps lagging the webaccess deployment will be new norm. 

  • I agree, too.  I am not keen right now to implement the new web app as my users will definitely not be happy with it. For example, I have many users who only use this and not a client, and do rely on having to send product screenshots to some customers as they describe say, a troubleshooting issue or answer a question.  Some do customization of their environment, and use other features that seem to no longer be available in the new version. I am hopeful this will change before the current version is taken away. 





  • I agree. My users are very critical, they don't want a "work in progress" Many of the web users in my organization are the poor Mac stepchildren. They have very few choices with Groupwise. Give them something that has only partial functionality and they will put my head on a pike.

    You'd think after all these years the people in Provo would have better sense than this. 

  • Laura, I looked on the logs, but there are only Nginx logs, not "WebAccess" logs. Security department people asked for logs , where are user logins AND IP addresses, I hoped , that this will be in new Web client.
  • David,

    I look at our web access logs daily.  There is a log for each day, and the log files do show who logs in and what they do, if they get timed out, failed a login, password expired, etc.  I am not exactly sure where those log files are stored but you can try checking the webacc.cfg file to see if there is anything specified in there.

    There is not in my file. 

    I access the webaccess console (GW 18.2) via

    https://<my GWIA>/gw/webacc?action=Admin.Open