Outlook 2019 Mobility Compatibility

I downloaded the latest Outlook 2019 as part of Office 2019 and for some reason, it won't connect to my Mobility Server 18.2.1 build 544

Looks like the ActiveSync compatibility has been removed from Outlook. 


Anyone experienced this, or know how I can work around it etc?


    What steps are you taking to configure the Outlook profile to connect to your GMS server?




  • Hello,

    I try to solve the same problem with Microsoft, one support employee gave up, another is on the edge of a nervous breakdown...

    To the facts:

    I try to connect from my android phone to our groupwise mobility server 18.2 ("gms").

    Success: Samsung Mail app and, after trying it over and over again: Googlemail app

    Failed: Outlook app (4.1.101 (200287)), newest version, manual configuration as "Exchange Konto"


    Access data:

    my.emailadress_at_mybusyness.de (sorry, "_at_" means "@" to avoid "personal information removed")

    Server (our gms uses port 52443):
       IP: 123.456.123.123:52443
      or name: mail.mybusyness.de:52443

    \mye               (Groupwise user name)

    Samsung Mail APP works without any problem using following data:
    "Exchange Konto"
    Email: my.emailadress_at_mybusyness.de
    Server 123.456.123.123
    Port: 52443
    User: \mye
    "use SSL"
    and, on first time, I had to accept our self signed certificate.

    Not everyone uses Samsung phone, so I have to find a way to use outlook.


    Thanks for help,


  • Hi Holger,

    Two things stand out for me:

    1.  You are using a non-standard port

    2.  You are using self-signed certificates

    I do not know if the Outlook app supports either of those... I suspect not.




  • I agree to Laura. Self-signed certificates will cause problems to other devices/apps too. As far as I see only Android devices (most of them) are friendly to self-signed certs.