Cannot connect to GroupWise administration to verify license

Our GMS 18.1.0 Build: 410 has just started showing us this warning:
"Cannot connect to GroupWise administration to verify license. Resolve connection issues within 27 days to avoid service interruption."

Our GW system was upgraded to GW18.1 on Dec. 1st and a newly installed GMS server installed.

I see from our GMS installation notes that we had provided a GroupWise Administrator user name "gwadmin" during the installation and its password.
After doing so the installation reported:
GW Admin validated successfully.
GW license verified successfully.

I know that the password for the user "gwadmin" has since changed, is that the problem?
If yes, how can we now have GMS re-verify its license information by providing the valid GW Administrator credentials?

If that's not the issue, any suggestions?