v2018 SSL between agents not working

We've used the GW-CA (Certificate Authority) to recreate all certificates for all of the groupwise agents (mta, poa, etc) and when we try to secure the MTA traffic with the certificates by requiring SSL usage, all communication stops.  If we just activate the SSL option but do not make it required, then communication works but when we go to the http-console Links and look at the tcp-connections some of them say they are using ssl and some are not.  Also, if we refresh the view and/or leave and come back, then the links saying that they were using ssl say they are no longer using ssl and some of those that were saying that they were not using ssl are now saying that they are using ssl.  Also, the communication is very slow when we activate ssl (but not required).  We know that activating SSL will slow the whole system down but it appears as if the Agents are trying to use SSL but can't and that is slowing everything down.  When we set SSL to required, nothing works.  The certs were created through the Admin-Console (GW-CA).  Any ideas?