GW Admin-defined field, sync to device?


We have gw2014 und are using Mobility Service 2.1.0 build 230. Now to our problem, we've got a customer that have populated their eDirectory telephone number field with just the internal ext. but would like to sync users full telephone numbers to their smartphones. To solve this we've created a new eDir attribute, associated it with the User class and have added it to the users, we've also mapped it to "Adminsitrator defined field 15" in the GroupWise addressbook. Within the addressbook we've added the admin-defined field column and everything looks great, within the GW-Client we see the new field with our Custom Name. The only problem that we now have is how to sync the added admin-defined field to the devices? Is there anywhere/anyway we can "map" this field to pre-defined fields on the devices or in the Mobility Service? Is it even possible to sync an admin-defined field through the Mobility Service to devices? We'll probably be opening an SR for this, but I figured we'd try here 1st.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi,

    Whilst this TID is for syncing Mobile phone numbers through GMS to devices, it might hold some clue for you:

    Please let us know how it goes.

  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks for your reply, but we already know how to do all that. Btw, I'm also pretty sure that that TID is older than Sept. 2014? Because I learned how to "do all that" from a very similar TID years ago.... :-)

    With Pre-defined fields like Mobile Phone Number this works fine, the problem is that we are trying to sync a field to the devices that is not pre-defined (on the devices) and that we've already created and synced to the GW-Systemwide Adressbook (which works fine). Of course the devices cannot "map" the added attribute from the GW-Systemwide addressbook to fields that it can display because it doesn't know under which field it should show the added attribute. We're looking for some way to have the Mobility Service tell the devices that the added attribute (field) should be mapped to, for example, "Telephone number 2" or on the iPhone "work". That or some other solution. The contacts with this field (added attribute) are successfully displayed in the device contact lists but not the admin-defined field (added attribute).

    We've opened an SR and are awaiting a reply from Novell. Once we get a reply, I'll update this thread.

    Thanks Laura for your time and assistance.
  • Hi,

    Personally, I don't think that it is possible to push out admin defined fields to devices when the field is not pre-defined on the device :( I was hoping that you could make use of the Moble Number instead.

    Please do let us know what Novell says about your SR - that way we can all learn.

  • Hi,

    Well the idea is to map the admin-defined field to a pre-defined field on the device, for example, under telephone numbers on my iPhone I can add several numbers per contact (work, home, etc...) and we'd like to map our admin-defined field to the pre-defined field "work". But how to do it is the question. Sometimes I explain things in a complicated manner, sorry....

    I'll definitely post any reply from Novell and/or any success that we have here.

    Once again, thanks!