System overview showing 'not running' agents in red randomly

In the GroupWise Admin web console, under system overview, the remote domains (Site to Site VPN, different IP subnet, routing and link is all fine) are showing with Red crosses all of a sudden. If I click the Refresh button, they stay red, but leaving the page open shows them go green again after a short while. They also then go back to red as their own leisure. This would indicate connectivity issues, but the link is good, and nothing has change with the router/firewall or the GW software. (14.2).

Any theories anybody? SLES at both ends, servers not been updated or anything, and I've never seen this before until the last week or so. GroupWise seems just fine, no issues delivering across domains, seemingly no lag or delay, just annoying as it catches your eye every time you load the admin page now.

It's the same from either side, the admin console at site B shows the 2 domains at Site A as not running, then at site A it shows the single domain at site B as not running.

Thanks, Alan
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