Groupwise client and X.509


we have the following problem. Using a GroupWise (18.1) together with a X.509 certificate under windows 7 does not work.
The certificate can be included and used for signing emails, but after 1 day (few hours) the client is reporting errors. No e-mails can be saved or send.
The only way to solve the problem is to remove the certificate, reinstall it and then send or save the e-mail.

There is no other error message. Using the same certificate with an administrator account seem's to work for a longer period.

Using Thunderbird or outlook with the certificate has never shown this kind of error ...

Any idea ?

Bye, Peer

GroupWise Client 18.1
Windows 7 SP1 (64, Enterprise)


  • Please specify the errors which are being reported. Apart from this where do you have to remove the certificate? From the Windows Cryptostore? From within GW?
  • Sorry, I missed the main information:

    within the groupwise client I get the following error message:

    a) sending an email:
    "sending not possible"

    b) saving a mail
    "saving not possible"

    There is no error message from windows. If I remove "digital sign" from the mail I can send it without any problem, or store it ...
    No other error message.

    I remove the certificate from GroupWise (Options -> Certificate).

    Bye, Peer
  • I've setup such a client which by now runs 30 hours, now and then i grab it and send a signed mail. No issues so far.
    While this won't help you too much, just thinking, do you by chance have some sort of (group-)policy which might distribute or in any form tamper with certificates? Do you have a chance to check with a vanilla client (no domain, no WS management, no virus scan)?