Can't create new Post Office on SLES11 OES11

To whom it may concern

On my SLES11 OES11 Server, I connect to my Primary Domian in ConsoleOne.I Right click on my container were all the other Post Offices exist.I select new > object > select GroupWise Post Ofice.Add Location > SDD > PO Location > Platform > Timezone >Language > Additional Properties and select next.I add the IP address of the new Server and select Finish.

After selecting Finish It goes back to the setup screen again, without creating any new Post Office.I do have the correct GroupWise 8.0.3 HP1 snapins installed in ConsolOne.I even reinstalled ConsoleOne, and I even tried to create the Post Office from my Primary Domain login, on to that Linux Server itself.

What else can I try to do to create my new Post Office.