Sysprep activates GW Libraries

I'm configuring some PCs with GW2012 and Office 2016 (among other programmes).

In setup.cfg I have these settings:
Microsoft Excel=No
Microsoft Word=No
Microsoft PowerPoint=No
Corel Presentations=No
Corel Quattro Pro=No
Corel WordPerfect=No
OpenOffice Calc=No
OpenOffice Draw=No
OpenOffice Writer=No
OpenOffice Impress=No

On my master PC it works, but after running SYSPREP in audit mode ( generalize) and once more in OOBE ( generalize), integrations are activated.

I can manually deactivate again (tools => options) and then it works until I ad the PC to our Windows AD. After login to AD I have to deactivate integrations again.

Am I doing anything wrong, or is this just the way it is?
we don't use GW libraries.

Btw I have been searching for GPO-templates for GroupWise so I can set these (and other) options on the Windows Server, but haven't found any.

Jens Jakob, Dansk Centralbibliotek

Client: GroupWise 2012sp4
Server: GroupWise 2014sp2 (on Win2008R2)