GW 18.1 released

Some interesting features:

Find Updates: Find has been updated to be easier to use and pops out from the left of the client. The Welcome Page in the GroupWise client has more information on the new Find. For more information on using Find, see Finding Items in the GroupWise 18 Client User Guide.

QuickViewer Smart Sizing: Because emails have varying sizes and formats, QuickViewer now has 3 different sizes that it automatically switches between depending on the content of the email you are viewing. The settings are: Regular, Wide, and Extra Wide. You can individually customize each size. The Welcome Page in the GroupWise client has more information on QuickViewer Smart Sizing. For more information on using QuickViewer, see Displaying QuickViewer in the GroupWise 18 Client User Guide.

Main Window Settings: The Nav Bar actions have been consolidated under one Settings button with some additional options. The available options in Settings are: toggling the Folder List, toggling the QuickViewer and QuickViewer smart size settings, toggling the folder settings, toggling the display settings, customizing the Nav Bar, and mailbox options.

Reset System Folders: If you moved the system folders to a new location and want to reset them to default, right-click in the Folder List and select Reset System Folders.

Conversation Threading Updates: Conversation Threading has the following updates:

When replying to a conversation, your reply will auto save a draft where you are replying in the conversation.

You can hover over the Edit Recipients button to see who will receive the message.

In the Item List, you can right-click the unread number (highlighted in green) and mark those messages unread.

A status tracking icon has been added at the top of your replies to a conversation. Hovering over the icon lets you see a status summary. Clicking the icon takes you to the Properties tab for the full status.

When you select an item to be shown in the tasklist, the tasklist flag is now seen in that specific item in the conversation.

Updated Certificate Best Practices: To help you keep your system more secure, we have updated the best practices for the certificates used for GroupWise. The list can be found in Certificate Best Practices in the GroupWise 18 Administration Guide.

Display Document Management: You can now enable/disable Document Management for a Domain, Post Office, or user in the GroupWise Admin Console > select a Domain, PO, or user > Client Options > Environment > Appearance > Display Document Management UI. Disabling Document Management removes the Documents folder from a userâ€Tms mailbox and the menu and documents options.

GroupWise Mailbox Management: GroupWise Mailbox Management has been integrated into the GroupWise Admin Console to let you manage usersâ€Tm rules. You must enter a GroupWise Mailbox Management license or Enterprise Messaging license to use GroupWise Mailbox Management. You can give administrators rights to Mailbox Management by clicking on the administrator and selecting Allow Mailbox management. Those administrators can then edit a usersâ€Tm rules by selecting a user > User Mailbox > Rules.

Enable GWA to connect to a Relay SMTP host using different port: You can now specify a port for the Relay Host for outbound messages on the SMTP for the GWIA. This is done by putting a colon after the host address and specifying the port number. You can add multiple hosts using the following format:
<host1 address>:<port> <host2 address>:<port>

If you do not specify a port number, the GWIA will default to 25.

Looking forward to install it in the weekend :-)

Jens Jakob
Dansk Cenralbibliotek