GWIA not relaying mail

I just updated from GW2012.04 to 2014.02.
Everything works fine, except for the mail relay.
I can receive mail from the external relay, but not send!
Under properties for the mail I get "Transfer delayed".

I have checked the settings for GWIA Relay Host for outbound messages. It's the correct IP of the relay server.

Any ideas where I should look for a solution?

GroupWise runs on Windows2008R2, The relay server is a Sophos (Astaro) UTM, version 9.3

Jens Jakob
Dansk Centralbibliotek, Flensburg


  • Hi Jens

    If mail is not relaying [leaving your GWIA] then it will be queued in the Send directory under the GWIA file structure.

    Check your GWIA log files in Verbose mode to see exactly what is happening - to me it sounds like your Sophos box is rejecting the transfer from your GWIA.

    Double-check your relay server [Sophos] that it is configured to accept mail relaying for the correct IP address of your GWIA server.

    Please let us know how it goes.

  • Hi Laura

    Thanks for the prompt answer.
    The send folder
    is empty!

    Log is set to verbose, but the mail I try to send isn't even listed there.

    We also used the Sophos as relay on our GW2012 (the old server had the same IP as the current). No problems then. I've also restartet the SMTP service on Sophos.
    Also no mention of access denied in the Sophos logs.

    Jens Jakob
  • SOLVED!!!!!

    At last I remembered a similiar problem from way back.
    Our anti virus blocks outgoing mails from the server!

    13-09-2015 10:03:15 Blocked by port blocking rule C:\PROGRAM FILES\NOVELL\GROUPWISE SERVER\AGENTS\GWIA.EXE Anti-virus Standard Protection:Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail

    After disabeling this function, everything works.

    But before I thought of this, I deleted the GWIA-folder and subfolders in order to get rid of any remains from the old system, and reinstalled GW2014. I'm so happy GW upgrade is so easy:-)

    Jens Jakob
  • Hi Jens,

    Glad that it is working for you again. Thank you for reporting back as that way we all learn :)