Webaccess 18 on Windows server

I just upgraded from GW to GW18.0.1 on a test system, including change of server from W2008R2 to W2016. Worked like a dream, all users, PO and messages are present.

But Iâ€Tmm not so sure about Webaccess….
Since my test system is offline (not connected to the internet), it canâ€Tmt resolve DNS and I get a certificate error, when I access Webaccess on localhost. It looks like Webaccess uses a locally issued certificate (issued to and not my companyâ€Tms wildcard certificate, which I installed in the IIS management console (the W2016 has the role Web Server installed).
In previous versions of GW (2014 and earlier) Webaccess always found my IIS during the installation, and asked to close and restart it.
This dialogue didnâ€Tmt come when I installed WA18.

Does Webaccess still find the certificate in IIS automatically and use it for GroupWise?
Or must I install the certificate in Apache Tomcat 8.5? If so, how do I do this? The certificate is a password protected pfx.file, but I might be able to create .ca-crt, .crt and .key files as well.

Jens Jakob Sørensen
Dansk Centralbibliotek, Flensburg