GWIA 18.1.0 crashes after preplasing certificate

We have groupwise-server-18.1.0-132269.x86_64 deployed on sles 12 sp3. It's been running well for months. Last week we replaced our Digicert certificates that were set to expire across our entire system, that's 5 POA, 5 MTAs and 4 GWIAs. I use this gwia to send and receive to our mail filter company and this system is sued for imap connections.

This is the only host that has problems. I'm getting general protection errors from at least once if not 3 or 4 times per day. I've got GWmonitor and gwha running and it's doing a good job of restartinging the agent.

I've checked the gwia log in debug mode, made sure there's enough space on the filesystem, and tried unsuccessfully to correlate firewall logs with the time that the agent fails. So far no patters. If anyone has some ideas I'd live to hear them before opening an incident with Microfocus.

Rob A.