Gwia won't receive mail when restarted?

We have multiple gwias in our Groupwise 2014 system. For over a year we've experienced a problem when a gwia is restarted or reloaded it won't receive email until it's restarted for a second time. It happens throughout the system. If I make a configuration change or stop and start it the agent loads fine, it sends fine, it refuses new email. When a gwia is failed like this our spam filter can't detect the it's not working, the filter continues to attempt to send into the gwia which fails to service the request. The filter treats it like the gwia has rejected the message, similar to the way the gwia would respond if the recipient wasn't found. A debug log shows connection requests from the spam filter.

I opened a support call, it's not been possible to give support the tests they require. It would mean allowing my systems to reject mail on purpose, something my management frowns upon. Anyone seen anyone like it?