Groupwise clients and the Retain Archived flag?

There has been a bug in the last few releases of the client. If you try to use the Retain Archived flag/column in the Mailbox view the client displays the BBS transaction date and time and just about any other column except the Retain Archived. It will even switch around from one column to another if you change the display order. Its really very frustrating when I want to know which messages are in our Retain (a Microfocus product formally from GWAVA) archives. What's even more frustrating is this had worked fine when it was entitled the Archived column. I reported this when the 18.01 and 18.02 clients were released.

Please don't tell me its about resources, I've been working with Groupwise since 1994, I know there's no development resources for the product. I've often wondered how successful Novel and all their products might have turned out if they stopped trying to be a marketing company and focused on development.:confused:


  • In article <>, Raronson
    > If you try
    > to use the Retain Archived flag/column in the Mailbox view the client
    > displays

    that feature snuck in without me knowing about it even though I've
    dealt with a Retain install since v 1 a whole 10 years ago. I've just
    turned on the feature on the Retain side to see what I can see and how
    long it takes to populate.
    Do you just have the one profile that genates this? Just want to rule
    out that the generation of it is inconsistent.

    For a given mailbox, which clients work find while which others don't,
    just so we can be clear here where the break point is.

    Can you try with minimal columns to make sure we aren't dealing with a
    number of columns issue.

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  • The retain flag works fine here, on 18.0.1 and 18.0.2 client . Just comes back with 1 or 0
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