For those at 2014 how to handle users in 2014??

Will be migrating to 2014 soon.

Challenge looks like it will be user creation and maintenance!

How are others handling?

We are a large school district with 100s of additions/moves/deletions.

Looks like there is no easy answer with IManager - limited to the extra step of adding the PO once the user is created and then extra steps for Distribution Lists in GWadmin console and extra steps for removal of users expiring and deleting them in both Imanager and gwadmin console

We currently use Console One for all Novell/GroupWise user maintenance.

1) Is anyone still using C1 for user provisioning with 2012 snapins for 2014?
2) Are there any database corruption risks if I continue to use C1 once migrated to 2014?
3) Any plans known for enhancing Imanager to make the user provisioning with GroupWise functional again from one source?

How is this not an issue for everyone that has migrated already?

Trying to save GroupWise from being migrated to another solution, doubling the admin's time that creates accounts is not going to help the cause.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

  • If you have hundreds of user modifications it might be worth looking into IDM and the (now available) IDM driver for GroupWise 2014.

    Other than that I can only suggest to have someone look into the very very powerful REST API of GroupWise 2014. You can do every task you can do in the admin console from the command line. If someone has some experience with scripting, LDAP and Json it should be not too hard to set up an automation for all required actions.

    Just my two cents...
  • JRButils for Novell fully support GroupWise 2014 - mass user creations, modifications, removals and creating/removing associations.