Client Calendar display slow

Have a heavy calendar user (auto-deletes appts for cleanup but has about 2000 calendar items) that when clicking on the calendar initially the load time is 10-12 seconds. After the initial display, if you close and open it again, it loads quickly.

She did not experience this before 2012.

Any recommended settings to help?


  • Hi,

    Is the client in online or caching mode?

  • I don't know of any settings that could speed this up as this is totally dependent on the speed of your POA's response and network latency - as far as I know.

    You could try caching mode which would mean that the calendar is being read from a local store and then updated in the background with any new/updated information from the POA.

    Keep in mind that the calendar entries are stored in the user.db file - perhaps you want to take a look at how big that file has grown to.

  • Her userdb is only 20mb

    I have caching mode disabled completely and want to avoid changing if possible. She deletes all mail after 5 days and all calendar items after 180 since we have Retain. She uses shared calendars, but all of ITM uses the shared calendars and she is the only one with the delay.

    I can recreate on other machines when I log in as her. Do you think a structural rebuild would help?
  • My personal recommendation would be:

    1. Remove all shared calendars.
    2. Remove all entries from multi-user calendar list
    3. GWCheck analyze/fix user.db first doing structure and then content.
    4. Test the opening of calendar to see if performance has improved.
    5. If no improvement, do a structural rebuild of user.db - be careful not to do a recreate of the user database as that will trash a lot of stuff.

    Post back your results and let us know if there has been an improvement.

    20mb seems very reasonable for a user.db for such an "active" user.