Which OS are entitled?

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Which OS license is entitled to run GroupWise-WebAccess?

Is it allowed to use SLES15 as GW-WebMail basis? Even if I have no single license for SLES15?




BTW: This forum is ugly. It asks for a lot of personal data and include boring 'services' from 3rd party sites to track and analyze users.

Managers should remember: People who read or write here are customers, not the product! So stop tracking, analyzing and boring your users. Give the power to the product development.



  • GroupWise comes with a run-time license for SLES.  If you want to use SLES15, that will be fine.  This run-time license entitles you to download and install patches for the SLES version you are running.  It does not, however, entitle you to any type of SLES support should your server encounter problems.  For that, you would need a true SLES entitlement.


  • >> Posted in GW-Users, because there is no group for GW-Admins

    The forum name isn't meant to be "User" vs "Admin".  If you or your company "uses" GroupWise, ask questions about it here.

    I am curious though...what personal data and boring services are you referring to?  I didn't get asked for anything or see anything boring.

  • Hi and thanks for your post. Just curious what you mean by "It asks for a lot of personal data and include boring 'services' from 3rd party sites to track and analyze users." There are some basic questions that are asked as part of the registration process but, otherwise, we don't ask for any personal data. We want to make sure you have a good experience in the community, so let us know what you mean and we can try to address your concerns.


  • It is possible to mirror the needed (e.g. SLES15) repos via SMT? We use SMT to mirror the repos and registrations we need for our servers.
    Our do I have to build a new RMT for those servers that has a run-time license?
  • Hm, some basic questions ... They want to get my complete address, incl. country, state, telephone no. etc. And all these data are not optional ... (Only 'company name' is deselectable)
    From my POV this is not neccessary to run this service. (BTW: GDPR means you should not collect data you not need for a service.)
    The only data are nessary for these service are a pair of credentials. These (and the IP-Address when connected) are the only data they need. All other data are for tracking and analyzeing users.

    Than they use a 3rd party SW. These needs to use JavaScript not only from MF but also from lithium.com and googletagmanager.com. OK, I can stop comminication to Google without a problem, but the connection to lithium is needed because these forum needs JS from lithium to run. And so the lithium gets an unknows amount of data ... (at least the IP-address) And you know what is possible to get from a browser with JS?! (By the way, there are some other tracking mechanismen at this site included browser fingerprinting (canvas, count pixel, et. al.) (at least my tracking shield warn about this during account creation)

    You work at a IT company and so I think you know about all these interesting (and nasty) doings that are able if you at the backend of such a migthy service.

    And at the last from my POV the frontend is ugly
    A lot of wasted space, only a few posts visible at one page. Large Buttons, light fonts (wtf do they think to use grey fonts on white background?)

    But at the end do not be sad. I will reduced my visits at the forum to the minimum and place more SR.
    And so you do not hear more of my howling



  • Currently you can set up an OES2018SP1 server and configure SMT on that box.  That way you can access both NCC and SCC for patches

  • This were great. But it seems that the SMT at OES2018SP1 ist only to connect to SCC. When I try to connect them to nu.novell.com I get 'Unknown response format'.

    The SMT-Package at OES2018SP1 is SMT3.0.x this is not able to connect to NCC.
  • Groupwise patches are never in the channel so even if you had SMT connected to NCC, you would be able to get GroupWise patches that way.  Officially released GroupWise patches are always stand alone builds available from download.novell.com.  GroupWise FTF patches always require you open an SR to get one.