startup file

Some of my remained GW using companies runs GW in a Cluster-Setup since decades. Runs perfect!

But, whats about the startup files? The installations comes from GW8 or earlier and were upgraded every time. But I found that the startup files (*.poa, *.mta, ...) are very old (some I found seems from GW2012 ... in a GW2018 environment) and mostly they does not content the settings which are shown in the GW-AdminUI.

Is there a complete describtion why these startup files are there, what they do, how there will be updated when there are changes at the Admin-UI, and so on?


  • Where did you find these "old" startup files?

    In old GW systems they are located in /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share but this does not work in cluster environments. The startup files are stored in postoffice and domain directories.

    New GW versions are using a cluster approach - startup files will be created in postoffice and domain directories.

    The best way to check it, is the file gwha.conf in directory /etc/opt/novell/groupwise ...

  • In addition to Diethmars suggestions, the "active" startup files can be found using the command gwadminutil services -l and missing startup files can be recreated in the root directory of the domain or post office via the command gwadminutil services -i /path/to/domain/or/post/office