Calendar items not synced sometimes

Use GW 18.2

A user add a schedule to the calendar, but sometimes this item is not synced to GW. It is only visible at the mobile device. So it could happen that a user create more than one appointment for the same time.

So they do not trust the GMS ...

In which logs  is visible which items are received by the GMS from the mobiles? Is there a howto to read (and understand) the logs?


  • Have you verified that they are creating them on the correct calendar?  The only time I have seen this, it turned out the user was choosing the wrong calendar on the mobile device, so it could not be synced.

  • This was my first question to the local admin ...
    Do you know in which log file the incomming items should be visible? So we could state that this was no GW releated issue.
  • So it is verified that they selected the correct calendar on the device?  If so, I'm surprised because that is the only thing I have ever seen cause calendar items to not sync.  I would imagine you would need to check the  logs in /var/log/datasync/connectors.



    You don't say what build of GMS 18.2 you have installed - look on the bottom, left-hand corner of the GMS Admin Console and it displays there.

    In order to see what's happening in the logs you must first ensure that the log level of GMS is set to DEBUG. If you need to change the log level you need to restart GMS.

    Then you take a look in the mobility-agent.log to see all information being sent/received from devices.  The appointment should show here if it's made it's way from the device to the GMS server and will show if any errors have occurred on processing the appointment.

    From there you take a look in the groupwise-agent.log to see if the appointment has been processed correctly and is now ready to be sent to GroupWise.  Again, you will see any errors here if they have occurred.

    Then, with SOAP Trace logging enabled on the POA, you will see the SOAP connection from GMS to the POA showing that the POA has received the appointment.

    Question for you:  The appointments that do not sync - do they have umlauts anywhere in the subject line?



  • Hi,
    this is GMS18.5.527
    At least one case had an umlaut (ü) in the subject line.



    There was an issue with appointments containing umlauts in the subject line not syncing correctly.  Please open a service request with support and reference BUG#1119112 to get the latest build of GMS containing the fix.