GW18.2.0: DVA: A Settings ignored?

Since update to GW18.2.0 the DVA spills up the storage ...

/oftemp/gwdva/probelm is filled with a lot of tmp-files. All the files has the extension tmp but this are different types of content (iso, zip, binary, ...)

It seems that the settings in the start file 'mydva.dva' ignored. Even the default values in startup.dva (7 days / 100 MB) seems to be ignored.

What is recommende to do?

(There are no files that have creation dates before we update to 18.2.0, so I assume that the issue start with the update)

(Maybe add the tag DVA to the tag list ...)


AddOn: What is the difference between /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/startup.dva and /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/share/gwdva.dva ? It seems that gwdva.dva will be crated when setup a new DVA (gwadminutil services -i -dva)



  • It's yet another config file. The one to be used is defined in gwha.conf. "rcgrpwise status" will also show you which is currently in charge. Other than that i just had a look on an instance i've upgraded to 18-2-0 last weekend. It doesn't show the behaviour you're facing, so it's at least nothing general.