Rule to Delete Internal mail Only


I am using GroupWise 2014R2 Build Number:126868 Revision:14.2.2. I have an account that is used to receive EKG alerts from an external source. The account is hidden from the GroupWise system. The issue is that there are emails that are send out via the Wildcard addressing that still sends to the entire system which is sent to this special account. Also, this account has to be a GroupWise account and not a Resource due to the IMAP configuration setup with the third party vendor. Majority users uses the *.* and we only have one domain. Yeah I could simply move the user to a post office by itself, but all post offices have users that are needed to be reached via the *.* Also, it would be a hassle to ask the many that uses the *.* to use the *.post_office just to exclude 2 GroupWise accounts.

I know you can't (to my knowledge) block internal messages as a whole, but is there a way to create a rule to move all and any new internal messages "That are received" to the Trash and then empty it? I even checked the rule where the "Account" field was used and GroupWise was the value. (Account "The account used to send an item, or the account the item was received from." Specify GroupWise, POP3, IMAP, or NNTP.) and I used all Operations codes (Ex. Account = (Matches) GroupWise). Didn't work.

I'm hoping a simple rule can be created to move or delete only internal mail received.