Failure. GroupWise Event does not exist in Mobility.


we get always a lot of "Failure. GroupWise Event does not exist in Mobility." errors in mcheck.

We have deleted the ZenWorks Configuration on the iPhone, deleted the ZMM Profiles and everything else on the iPhone. After this
we deleted the User in GroupWise Mobility Service and in ZenWorks Mobile Management.
Deleted all entrys with dsapp tool and repaired the groupwise mailbox and rebooted the gms server.

After this, we have added the User to the GroupWise Mobility Service and waited a little bit, till Sync-Init disappears and "sync-validate" appears. After this, we configured ZenWorks on the iPhone and do a initial sync on the iphone. Now we get two devices in GroupWise Mobility Service which are under quarantine. One iPhone and one MDM Validation. After accepting both devices the first sync starts.

We've waited a little bit and after that we checked the user with "mcheck" and get always the "Failure. GroupWise Event does not exist in Mobility." errors and mcheck wants to reinitialize the user to solve the problems.

But reinitializing the user does not solve the problems... It's always the same. We've done this procedure now for 4-5 times... Everytime same failure.

Any Ideas ?