GW Mobility 14.2.2 not syncing all contacts

We are running GroupWise 14.2.2 with GW Mobility 14.2.2 build 120.  A user with a lot of contacts says that not all of his contacts are syncing.  If I look at the Mobility service Console for the user, it indicates that everything is synced. 

Is there a limit to the number of contacts that the mobility service can sync?  He is syncing 3 personal address books which comprise 3179 contacts and 17 groups.  (He is NOT syncing the Frequent Contacts book.)

What logs should I look at to see if there are problems?




    Hi Dan,

    The version and build of GMS you are running is exceptionally old so I do not know if what I'm going to suggest is even available in it. 

    But try this, go to /opt/novell/datasync/tools/mcheck/

    Run:  python mcheck.pyc

    Option 2 (Users)

    and run a check on the user account.  The resultant log file should show inconsistencies in the address books.



  • Yes, that python script is available.  I ran it and got the following results:

    Completed analysis for user: cn=xxx,o=YYY


    Device count: 2

    No GroupWise configuration problem detected.

    Mobility Folder structure problem detected

    Email Summary (Inbox only)
    GroupWise Inbox count: 1029
    Mobility Inbox count (success): 846
    Mobility Inbox count (failure): 183

    Calendar Summary
    GroupWise Calendar count: 1696
    Mobility Calendar count (success): 1540
    Mobility Calendar count (failure): 156

    Contacts Summary
    GroupWise Contacts count in synced books: 10326
    Mobility Contacts count (success): 8582
    Mobility Contacts count (failure): 1744

    Log file location: /opt/novell/datasync/tools/mcheck/logs/xxx_2019-11-05T09:54:27.log

    User problem detected. Do you want to correct the problem by re-initializing the user? (yes/no)

    So I'll go ahead and run the re-initialize routine and see if that helps.


  • How do I know when the re-initialization process finishes?  When I selected 'yes' to re-initialize the user, it just dropped me back to the menu after a second or so.  I assume that the re-initialization process is going on in the background. How can I see when it finishes?

    Also, yes, we realize that the version of GW and the mobility service is old.  We are planning to update the whole system soon.

    Thanks for the quick response, btw.


  • Look in the GMS Admin Web Console at the status of the user account.



  • Thanks for your help.  I worked with MF tech support and ended up removing the user's account from the Mobility server as well as from his iPhone then re-installing them.  After an hour or so it appears that all his contacts have been restored.