renaming user

GroupWise 18.0.1
Messenger 18.0.1
ldap sync to edir

User gets married. Change account info and rename eDir and GroupWise. Messenger account is not changed/updated automatically.
User is unable to login. No way to manually change username in Messenger.
Delete account then recreate account.

step by step process:
disassociate GroupWise account from eDir account.
adjust last name in eDir, delete email field
rename eDir account
rename GroupWise account
re-associated GroupWise account with eDir account
create nickname for old email address with 3 month expiration date

there is no place to rename the messenger account.
and an ldap sync does not pickup the account change.

am I wrong in dissociating the GroupWise account from the eDir account before name changes, or will it pick those up automatically?