gwdva question

On 2012sp4, what is the best way to setup the dca/dva? I know the dva mainly works with webaccess and the dca with the po. I seem to get a crash with a core every once in a while from gwdva I believe: gwdvawrkn=3 /ip=x.x.3.50 /httpport=83.
Any help or suggestions would be great!



  • Hi Steven,

    We discussed this on the phone today, so I'll just reiterate here what we went over.

    Beginning with GW 2012, the DVA is the preferred method to render documents for indexing. The DVA is already being used for processing attachments for WebAccess, so it makes sense to use it for all indexing. In your situation, you had disabled the DCA, but not enabled the DVA, so your POA was only using internal Quickfinder processes to index. Since your DVA is having issues, we decided to leave it like that for now. Your users haven't seem to notice that things such as PDFs and DOCX files are not indexed, and until you can figure out your odd server issue it's probably just fine to leave it for now.

    As we discussed, your periodic (about once every 50-60 days) DVA coring issues seem possibly related to other server oddities, and once you upgrade to GW 2014 if this persists, we will look more closely at it. Since it doesn't seem to affect other processes on the server, and you're out of the support window for GW 2012, monitoring it is the best for now!