WebAccess Login Failure

Hi all.

I just finished recreating my certificate authority as it's certificate had expired. I then used PKIDiag and tckeygen to renew the DNS and IP certs for webaccess and re-export the key for Tomcat. This went smoothly without any errors.

However, when I try to log in to web access, I get the following error: "Please login again. You may have typed your name or password incorrectly. Remember that passwords are case sensitive.", even though they are the correct name and password. It also does not matter which user logs in.

Webaccess logs only show "Login failure" for the user.

Where do I begin to troubleshoot this? Does webaccess have better logs somewhere? Even on verbose the logs still only seem to show Login Failure.

Thanks for any information anyone has.

Scott Schaffer
Network Admin
Olive Waller Zinkhan