New post office won't start

Hello, I have a New server running sles 11 sp3 oes 11 sp 2. Running latest build of GW 2014 R2 build 123853, given to me by support. Created new post office but the POA won't start. I know it says the path to the POA should be in lower case, ours is /media/nss/DATA/POX- this is the same format that the rest of our POs that we upgraded are using. Tried rebuilding the POA, reset the SSL settings...nothing. In the POA folder the only files created are the .poa file,, wphost.db and ncpchecked. Is that right? When setting up the PO in the install console it said everything was successful. I restarted all the services and it won't start, just says failed when I try to start the POA. I tried to do this on another system and same issue. Am I missing something ?