GW803 HP3 on Netware user lost 4 year worth of mail

Two days ago I had a user loose over 8000 messages from his mailbox. I saw the reduce size job log for his database go from over 24mb to 4mb. We do not have a backup. I have all logs. We thought that it might be an indexing issue on the POA. I did not run any maintenance jobs last night. So you think we have any chance of getting any of this back?

Any help would be appreciated.
  • Hi,

    Bad news I'm afraid - without a full backup of the entire Post Office you will be unable to recover the mail :(

  • Am 09.04.2016 um 09:16 schrieb laurabuckley:
    > Hi,
    > Bad news I'm afraid - without a full backup of the entire Post Office
    > you will be unable to recover the mail :(
    > Cheers,

    Well, a recreate user database *might* bring something back, at the
    expense of losing all settings, folders and such. But first I would try
    to find out what happened.

    And get a backup in place...

    Massimo Rosen
    Novell Knowledge Partner
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  • Hi,

    You might also want to double-check what "Clean Up" options the user has set in their client. I've had folk delete their entire mailbox with fidling in these settings. I learnt the hard way and then locked these at a domain level so folk could not repeat the process.

    What operating system is your GroupWise system running on? Perhaps we could make some suggestions for backups.

  • The server is a Netware server.

    After looking around the server for a long time. I found 12gb of salvageable files. So I salvaged anything I could in the offiles directories with the post office offline. Then I made a backup of the post office to try prevent any further damage. I think the next step is to recreate the user database and cross our fingers.

    I will let you know what happens.

    Thanks for your responses
  • Hi,

    Just for clarity sake here, and you are probably aware of this already, but an e-mail is not a single file stored in the offiles directory, or in any other directory for that matter. There are pointers for each mail in the user database linking each message to the first 2kb of the mail stored in the message database, and the remainder of the mail (larger than 2kb) is stored in the offiles subdirectories. Salvaging files in the offiles directory is not going to accomplish much I am afraid. This is why I made the comment that I did about not being able to do a full recovery without a full backup of the Post Office in question.

    A recreate user database checks all other databases containing messages that have references to the user in question and recovers those. But, as Massimo so rightly pointed out, you will lose folders, settings, etc.

    One more thing.... it is very highly recommended that salvage should be turned off on any volume hosting a GroupWise system.

    Please do keep us updated - thanks.