Threading i GW 2018.1?

GroupWise 2018 Sp1 threading
I must admit that I have warmed to it after the initial WTF.. There are some things worth mentioning:

- Replying to an old mail instead of creating a new, just to save you the hassle of typing the address is a bad idea for obvious reasons.

- People who quote back pages and pages are not handled very well


My biggest gripe though is that you cannot change the font/size of text in the thread messages. This makes it unusable on really large screens such as the Dell U3818DW or U3418DW. Is this something that could be fixed?


  • Anders:  My issue is not being able to see the entire email message without clicking "Show more".  I have read emails that appear to be very short but were in fact longer and I did not notice.  You really should not have to click on "show more" on each email in a thread to expand it.  Maybe have an option to always show threads in expanded view would be nice.