Font Size in Mail Body if using Send to from MS Office


have some strange problem with head of departement.
They want to have all documents written with font "Arial" and font size "10".

And "all documents" (they think) also are "all e-mails".

All settings in the GroupWise Client (2012) are configured to Arial 10.

But if sending a document from an Microsoft Office (2010) application (with File > send as E-Mail) we get a font size of 12 in the html-mail!

And even if editing the text in the mail to a font size of 10 the (automatically attached) signatur will get a font size of 12.

(We are told from Novell Support that changing the font type to Arial in the Internet Explorer will change the font type in such mails - and this will work - but we are not told how to change to font size.)

Someone outside there is able to solve this Problem?

Regards - Frank


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