GWIA 18.1 crashes when using POP3

Hi all,

I updated my Groupwise 2014 2.2 on a OES 2015 Linux server to Groupwise 18.1. I went trough all upgradesteps so that my databases are now 1810. I then upgraded the server to OES 2018 witout any problems.

Groupwise is running fine except for POP3 sessions. I can connect via POP3 to the GWIA and download mails, but as soon as the POP3-session is over, the GWIA crashes and stops. It doesnt matter if I use SSL or not, the result is the same. I can immidiately restart the gwia, but there are no entrys of the whole POP3-session in the logfiles. I have deleted and recreated the GWIA already, but this doesnt help.

Has anybody seen this problem too or has any ideas how to solve this?

Thanks and best regards,