GroupWise 2012 Resource Issue

The Owner of a Resource (ItoU) did the following:

#1) granted UserB proxy rights only Post being available when you click on reply.

#2) If you click on reply privately - the send option is available.

UserA was the user that was previously added as a Proxy, and the Resource Owner was not able to send messages.

Just as a recap,

User A is the employee that they are trying to add as a Proxy, Ms. Jones is the owner of the ItoU Resource mailbox. Once she adds UserA as a proxy she looses the ability to reply to the messages.

The Resource has already been deleted/recreated.

I was told that this is working as Designed in GW 2012, is there some documentation that I can point my customer too that details this information.

Is this working differently than it was in GW 8?

Thank you,