Moving to GW2012 from GW8 and OES2SP3 to OES11SP1

I'm planning on updating the base OS of my current GW 8 server from OES2SP3/SLES10SP4 to OES11SP1/SLES11SP2 I was going to use the Transfer ID program, and first transfer the OS to a newer base operating system, then make sure that GW 8 could run on that server before I did the upgrade to GW 2012.

In the past when dealing with NetWare, I would follow a similar process, transferring the ID of the NetWare server to OES2SP3 in this case, and then migrating the GroupWise to that server.

My question is this a valid method or should I upgrade the GW8 to GW 2012 first and then do the Transfer to the newer (supported) OS? Any thoughts would be most helpful.

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  • Hi D,

    Basically what you are proposing will work fine. It is a matter of semantics whether you upgrade your GroupWise system before or after the server migration - at least that is my personal opinion!

    I have a customer running GroupWise 8.0.2 successfully on OES11SP1 - just the UID.RUN issue bites occasionally, but they are happy to live with that issue for now. The essences of the issue is that periodically you can't restart the GroupWise agents without deleting the file from the corresponding agent directory first. But on the other hand, they rarely ever have to restart an agent.

    When you are ready to upgrade to GroupWise 2012, I suggest upgrading directly to SP2 - that download will be found under the "Patches" section of

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Good day Laura,

    Just wanted to provide an update, I went with the method that had worked so well in the past, I did the OS upgrade/migration first, using the Transfer ID method. Both of the servers being updated did not have any other services running on them, so it was not overly taxing for any other systems. The GroupWise 2012 upgrade went smoothly on the Primary Domain server, that and the Post Office went according to plan, and the documentation.

    However; I was a little less clear with the Secondary Domain, I was unsure if I needed to install another software distribution directory, and the installation failed at a few points. Novell Doc: GroupWise 2012 Installation Guide - Updating Secondary Domains I used the previous documentation to assist, however; I'm not sure that the standard upgrade process truly worked so I ended up doing an "install agents" and "configure agents" which after I did that procedure and started GroupWise things seemed (still seem) to be fine. Just not sure which part I missed that had the failure with the documented steps, would have liked that one to work, but at this point the system is updated and I shall move to the next step.

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  • Hi D

    Thank you so much for the feedback. If you have documentation feedback, using the HTML version of the document please do use comments feature based at the bottom of each HTML page - I know that it's always welcome.