MTA Message Tracking Logs Empty

I have Enabled Message Tracking on our GroupWise 18.2 MTA, however when initiating a message tracking search the results are empty. I have verbose logging turned on for the MTA and Full chosen in the Message Tracking area.

Here's what I see in the MTA Logs:

11:51:50 2F09 Message Log Directory: /var/log/novell/groupwise/srtdom2.mta/msgtracking
11:51:50 2F09 Track Messages: On
11:51:50 2F09 Track Delivery Reports: On
11:51:50 2F09 Track Status Reports: On
11:51:50 2F09 Track Admin Traffic: On
11:51:50 2F09 Correlate Delivery Reports: On
11:51:50 2F09 Collect Extended Information: On
11:51:50 2F09 Expire Records after How Many Days: 99
11:51:50 2F09 Message Log Database Size: 1024 bytes
11:51:50 2F09 Message Logging Enabled: Yes
11:55:19 25EF User gwadmin has logged in Web Console from
11:55:27 2576 Web Console Request: Message Tracking by Message ID 5B8820ED.849 : 81 : 56191 (gwadmin)

When I look at the msgtracking log files they are empty.

Under normal configuration would the message tracking information just be obtained from the MTA logs?