GroupWise Predefined Address Book Fields

The GroupWise Address Book Predefined Phone field attribute appears to be mapped to the ldap attribute telephoneNumber.

Does anyone know what the GroupWise 2014 Predefined Address Book field called Phone is mapped to in eDirectory or Ldap?
  • Hi,

    I'm not sure if I'm going to answer your question, but here goes....

    In iManager if I add a numerical entry into the "Telephone Number" field it updates the Phone field in GroupWise. So from that I am assuming that "TelephoneNumber" is what "Phone" is mapped to.

    If I may ask, what issues are you experiencing?

  • When we built our Intranet we created customized eDirectory attribute fields in order to present employee telephone information on our Intranet. Those being Office Phone, Mobile Phone, and Home Phone. The ldap attribute telephoneNumber currently maps to one of those customized eDirectory attributes.

    We sync the GroupWise Address Book out to our Mobile devices (IOS and Android) via NotifyLink.

    When we create an eDirectory user, we populate the Telephone: field under the users General Tab with their Office Phone Number.

    With GW 2012 the users General Tab field called Telephone: would appear in the Address book as their Office Phone Number correctly. I assume because the Address Book would sync with the eDirectory property fields in GW2012, and the Address Book attribute Phone was associated with the eDirectory General Tab Telephone attribute rather than the Ldap attribute telephoneNumber. (Not sure).

    GW 2014 the Address Book information is now obtained and updated via the Ldap property fields.

    Since moving to 2014 the Address Book attribute Phone no longer presents us with the users Office Phone like it did with 2012, instead the phone number from the customized eDirectory attribute that we created and mapped to the Ldap attribute telephoneNumber.

    I need to confirm what the Address Book attribute Phone maps to in order to determine what direction I need to go so I get the correct phone numbers on the mobile devices as well as the Intranet with the least amount of impact.

    For example if were able to map the predefined Address Book attribute Phone to the attribute which is associated with the users General Tab Telephone: field I wouldn't need to redesign the mappings which is going to impact our Intranet Developer's code.
  • Hi,

    Gosh - sounds quite involved!

    For what it's worth, here's a TID (you've probably seen it!) on mobile phone numbers in GroupWise Address Books:

    Please keep us updated with your progress on this - that way we all learn ;)

  • That TID actually points out my dilemma.

    Because of how 2012 sychronized with Address Book with edirectory fields vs 2014 now via ldap, I would need to add those desired attributes in the Other tab for every user plus enter each users phone numbers in those fields. I would then need to remap the ldap telephoneNumber attribute and create another custom mapping that the Intranet Developer would need to recode for the ldap query to pull the right numbers into the Intranet Employee Directory.

    I have a Ticket open with Novell Support hoping for an alternative solution.

    I will provide an update once we have a confirmation on what our solution is.

    Thanks for your reply, Laura!