GroupWise 8 Client Along-side Outlook 2016?

We find ourselves in an awkward state of transition, and need to run the GroupWise 8 client along-side of pre-installed Office/Outlook 2016. The Groupwise client crashes with a fault module of MSMAPI32.dll. I've tried to emulate the MAPI/Mail/Address Book settings that are working on other non-Office 2016 workstations, but to no avail. The Mail setup in Control Panel does not want to completely cooperate I assume based on the pre-existing Outlook 2016 install.

Now, neither the GroupWise client nor the Outlook 2016 client will run I presume because of the conflict of the GroupWise client install. Actually, in some instances the GroupWise client and Notify feature will run fine until it's time to create a new piece of mail, or open the Address Book. This crashes every time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • UPDATE: I'm temporarily able to normalize the GroupWise client by configuring the Outlook 2016 with IMAP settings. This somehow allows the GroupWise client to temporarily behave. Then upon a reboot, GroupWise goes bad again. I'm operating Windows 7 clients and the GroupWise installation adds two (2) Control Panel - Mail icons to the pre-existing "Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) (32bit)" icon:

    Mail (32-bit)
    Microsoft Mail Postoffice (32-bit)

    I just can't get GroupWise to stay happy with any settings I try within these config icons.
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    Youngjforge wrote:
    > The Mail setup in
    > Control Panel does not want to completely cooperate I assume based on
    > the pre-existing Outlook 2016 install.

    GroupWise relies on the MAPI infrastructure and is competing with
    Outlook's use of it.
    GroupWise kindly installs the old instance of MAPI when it doesn't find
    the parts it uses, while Outlook has already put in the newer style of
    MAPI (typical MS changing the standards they created to keep the rest
    of the industry struggling to keep up)

    I don't have that MSMAPI32.dll on my Win7 system that has had the GW8
    client, currently GW 2012 (until I finish upgrading all my clients) and
    has never had any instance of Outlook on it (easy when running

    So, do you need that Outlook install or can it be ripped out?
    Another option might be virtualizing the GroupWise8 client on a
    Windows7 system that hasn't been graced/defiled by Outlook in
    anyfashion. ZENworks Application Virtualization (ZAV) is one good tool
    for this by Microfocus that is worth looking into

    the others may have ideas of how to make those two peacefully co-exist

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