Unwanted folder collecting Own mail as spam

I cannot find anything in the 2014 GW Doco about the "Unwanted" mail folder that has appeared in my folder list.

I think it started when I attempted to block a spam email which purported to come from my own email address (even though my email is filtered externally by LogicNow). The result has been that any emails from my own email address end up in this Unwanted folder instead of my GW Mailbox. Note that my email address has not been included in either the Junk list or Block list, and adding it to the Trust list has not improved the situation.

(I do have emails coming from my clients' systems that say they are coming from my email address, and perhaps I need to change that).

Any suggestions on how to get rid of this Unwanted folder and to allow emails from myself to reach myself? I guess it sounds a bit stupid...