Merge two Mailbox files GW 2014

My situation is a little similar to a post of early 2015 where someone wanted to merge two GW2012 mailboxes for 2 different users into one, and the suggestion was to archive all of one user, and change the fid on the other before importing the archive back into that.

However, my GW system is on a Linux system, and I think I read somewhere that the FID editor does not work with GW2014 and Linux anyway. I am running Open Workgroup Suite in a micro business.

So here's my situation. The older GW file is my own, as is the new one. The old one was the cached copy on my PC before I completely destroyed and rebuilt GW as 2014.2. (There are several reasons for my having taken that route: XEN VMs and a corrupted host VM being some).

I recreated my own mailbox but ofcourse got a different FID. That was after I tried unsuccessfully to use that scripting tool (I forget the name) to create a mailbox with a specific FID.

I can access the old cached copy simply by selecting that file and all my old emails etc are there. Is there any way that I can merge the data in that old file with the data in my new one?

Here's hoping...
  • Hi Jerome,

    Ok, this might work but is going to take some work and please note that I have not personally had the time to test this, so this is entirely at your own risk.

    You are going to need GroupWise 2014 R2 SP1 at the very minimum.

    For safety sake have a full backup of your GroupWise system.

    Make a complete backup of your old caching mailbox - the entire thing! Keep this VERY safe in case the steps below do not work!

    Login to the old caching mailbox and archive all mail - everything. This will create an archive with your old FID.

    Create a new user at the command line with the specific FID of your old user. See this TID:

    Login to the GroupWise client as the user you've just created. Access the archive you created for this old user. Unarchive everything. Create a new folder and move everything into that folder - you can use sub-folders too.

    Share this folder with your "new" user.

    Once you have confirmed that your "new" user has accepted the shared folder and can access everything in it, transfer ownership of the shared folder to your "new" user. Once your "new" user has taken ownership of the shared folder, remove sharing of the folder. This should result in that folder being owned by your "new" user.

    Test, test, test. If all is OK then remove the "old" user account that you created with the "old" FID.

    Please do let us know how it goes.

  • Thanks Laura,

    mine says it GroupWise 14R2; specifically it says 14.2.0. Is that late enough or do I need to install Sp1?

    I actually tried to use that curl routine but the version available for download did not seem right, and I could not get it to work. However, having said all that I will try and will report back in due course.
  • Hi Jerome,

    In order to transfer ownership of a shared folder you will need to install SP1.

    The download mentioned in the TID is if you are running GroupWise on a Windows server. You mentioned that you are using Linux - curl is already available and you use it at the command line on the server following the syntax given in the TID. If you need assistance building the correct syntax for your environment then please let us know - always glad to assist.

    Please keep us informed.

  • Will let you know in a week or so...